Abstract thesis proposal

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Abstract thesis proposal

Urban areas already account for a majority of primary energy use and energy-related CO2 emissions IEA Hence, finding cost-efficient and sustainable solutions to meet the increasing demand for energy in cities is of critical importance to meet global climate goals.

In particular, we will account for the need to balance the stochastic nature of distributed energy resources DERs, e. We will also consider the potential roles of centralized planning and decentralized decision-making among heterogeneous agents, and how to best design incentives through prices and tariff schemes, to achieve future urban energy-environmental goals.

The main goal of his research is to improve the understanding of the complex interactions between engineering, economics, and policy in electricity markets. He is particularly interested in integration of renewable energy and energy storage into a smarter electricity grid.

Abstract thesis proposal

Towards this end, he uses analytical methods from operations research and decision science combined with fundamental principles of electrical power engineering and energy economics.

The traditional AC power delivery architecture in US buildings has become outdated, owing to major changes in the nature of loads and in power electronics technologies. In recent years, a large amount of electricity in modern residential buildings is consumed by DC loads, such as flat-panel displays and LED lights.

Many emerging and important applications, including electrical vehicles and solar panels are natively DC. The ubiquitous need of DC voltage makes DC power delivery highly promising in future buildings.

Efforts will be devoted to greatly increase the switching frequency of these converters to realize high efficiency and high power density.

Methods for routing energy will be investigated, together with fundamental studies on cross-regulation of MIMO power converters, distributed control and system stability analysis.

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This system will become a multi-functional test platform to enable a wide range of innovations under the Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things framework. About Minjie Chen Dr.

Abstract thesis proposal

He received his B. His research interests include high performance power electronics and intelligent energy management systems. He is the recipient of the Dimitris N. Business continuity planning BCP is one of the important risk management strategies to enhance resilience of business operations and local communities in the case of disaster.

In this research, we focus on introducing distributed generation equipment as a system for enhancing the effectiveness of BCP from the viewpoint of energy supply, including electricity and heat.

Our research aims to 1 develop a suggestion scheme to optimize planning for energy system configuration including distributed generation equipment and cogeneration CGS2 improve an economical index to judge whether a customer, who is interested in installing BCP equipment, should introduce distributed generation equipment considering the disaster risks, and 3 suggest an evaluation scheme for an appropriate amount of the governmental subsidy for the introduction of distributed generation equipment based on BCP.

Introductory planning of the distributed generation equipment for a target building will be optimized by modeling the energy generation equipment and the disaster risks, then the whole energy demand-supply will be analyzed via mixed integer linear programming. Finally, Net Present Value of the energy system will be calculated to evaluate the governmental installing subsidy, thus contributing to the development of a resilient energy infrastructure with a reasonable, appropriate, and quantitative introductory planning and subsidy system.

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Inhe became an Associate Professor at the same department. Inhe became a Professor at the same department after serving as a Visiting Associate Professor at McGill University from to Active distribution systems ADS play a significant role in enabling the integration of distributed renewable energy.

This project addresses three challenges to accommodate the stochastic distributed renewable energy. The first is to forecast the load and renewable energy output of each feeder with higher accuracy through data mining techniques.

The second is to evaluate the demand response DR potential of each consumer to provide flexibility for the ADS. The third is to develop low-carbon optimal operation strategy of ADS based on energy forecasting and DR potential evaluation.

His research interest focused on power system planning, power system operation, renewable energy, low carbon electricity technology and load forecasting.

He is the senior member of CSEE. He was a visiting scholar at Cambridge University during Dedication page is the part of any thesis, dissertation or a research paper. In this article, You will come with dedication quotes, words for dedication, sample dedication and other dedication examples that will assist you in turning your dedication a great blast.

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