Ivan semwanga business plan

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Ivan semwanga business plan

Shafique Katumba aka Katsha De Bank is one of the summers on holiday this festive season. He is one of the flamboyant South African based Ugandans.

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BATTE talked to him about how they get all their money and why they love to flaunt it. What is your real name?

Why do you call yourself Katsha De Bank? I basically call myself Katsha which is an abbreviation of my real name and De Bank, which I was nicknamed. Who nicknamed you De Bank? It is a nickname that was given to me by people in the community where I stay in South Africa, because I have money and I share it with them.

What is your profession? I am software engineer. I am one of the pioneers of some of the software programmes used around, and one of my plans is to bring such software to Uganda, to be used in banks and media among other areas.

Tell me about some of the software you have developed … I developed software that is used in computerising supermarket sales. Where did you learn all this? I was enthusiastic about computers from an early age.

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Who connected you to this man? It was my mother. She used to work in circles where whites were quite many. When I went to the US, I studied computer science. In which school or institute in America did you study? I studied at Harvard University, the renowned one.

By the time you had only finished Senior Four S. How then did you manage to find placement at the prestigious Harvard? That is not where I enrolled first when I got to America. I first studied in a college in Florida, called Tulip College, a private school, which was equivalent to A Level. I was liked as a student because I was keen on my studies and was disciplined.

The white man, Mr Hendrick who sponsored me liked me for this. Why was this sponsor doing all this? He wanted to impress my mother.

ivan semwanga business plan

How did you end up at Harvard? Hendrick took me there. He had his children studying there. He realised I was better than his children and was fit to study there. I faced lots of challenges.

I failed to connect with the student community there. I was still a villager and the course was quite hard. I told my sponsor I could not continue. After Harvard, where did you proceed to?

I returned to Uganda.The Independent Uganda: You get the Truth we Pay the Price. Nehanda Radio - Zimbabwe News and Internet Radio.

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Dec 19,  · Ureport is a citizen journalism platform, where you can post your story. Diamond's wife Zari reveals more about her ex-husband Ivan Semwanga. Why bootstrapping your business . 8 Business EA exports to the US hit $1bn in the year to September 9 Rest of Africa Police deploy in Khartoum as protesters plan march 10 Comment January is coming, so let me say right now.

Mpasho News. Latest; Exclusives. All Mpasho Investigates Wembe. Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari Hassan’s ex-husband, seems to be affiliated with various women over his life, from baby mamas to girlfriends.

The father of three who broke up with his wife Zari Hassan is currently dating Tanzanian socialite Malkia Wakichagga, Prezzo’s.